Robin working on an installation as part of the 'Big Tree Project'

About Robin Wood

Robin has been naturally creative since childhood when he first started drawing and illustrating. He has also spent many years working in conservation, woodland management and tree surgery, using a chainsaw as a primary implement in shaping large pieces of timber.

Robin sees this as a means to an end when working on a large scale:

"I never really think of myself as a 'chainsaw sculptor' and only use this tool to remove timber quickly to the point where I can use various powertools and chisels to finish my work by hand. I am constantly inspired to further my abilities as a sculptor and seek to discover the infinite possibilities that lie within a piece of timber.

Recently I have been relating my sculptures more to their immediate environment, creating site-specific work, creating a dialogue with the surroundings".

A huge advantage to all of Robin's work is his ability to illustrate good quality working designs for clients to achieve a clear understanding of a proposal. These designs also include technical drawings for any fixings required as he will be involved in most projects right up to delivery and installation.

For most installations no cement is used where possible leaving enough timber attached to the base and steel tie rods for security with compacted hardcore for drainage. The timbers used for outdoor pieces are locally sourced home grown Oak, Elm or Douglas Fir. All of these materials are durable and hardwearing and finished with an outdoor quality protective oil.

Robin lives and works in East Lothian near Edinburgh. His personal interests include: trees, most things outdoors, robots, motorbikes, street art and space

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